Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Smart Money Smart Kids (post 1)

"Too many rules is legalistic, but too much grace is enabling." - Rachel Cruze

I recently had the privilege of reading Dave Ramsey and Rachel Cruze's upcoming book,  Smart Money Smart Kids.  Rachel writes of being grateful for parents who were able - and willing - to keep this balance throughout her life.  She states that this was her favorite money principle lived out by her parents. - Read the excerpt from the book here.

Admittedly, finding this balance is challenging for me at times.  I am one who ALWAYS prefers structure, and I am very rules-focused.  I like an orderly process...if this, then that.  This is what is natural for me, and it certainly affects my parenting.  Now this is not to say that I fail to extend grace to my kids!  They certainly receive my grace!  It simply means that my natural tendency is to place my focus on the logical consequence if a rule is broken.  Thus, I have to be intentional and even creative with those grace moments.  Sometimes, I suppose those lessons in grace become teachable moments more so for me than for my kids! ;)

Undeniably, this quote was more than a gentle reminder for me as a parent.  It really captured my attention and stirred something within me.  When raising my kids - whether teaching them to make smart money decisions or simply guiding them day to day - it is my hope that their character will be shaped not by my legalism, but by this balance that we sought and lived out for them.   

I love a book that challenges me.  And I am always seeking biblical wisdom to guide my parenting.  This book offers just that.  I will have more to come in future posts, but for now, I encourage you to click the {link} and have a sneak peek at the first two chapters.  It will certainly be worth your time.