Thursday, April 17, 2014

Smart Money Smart Kids (post 3)

Dave Ramsey and Rachel Cruze's upcoming book, Smart Money Smart Kids, is one that will inspire you from beginning to end.  The principles taught throughout this book are solid, God-honoring ones.  Embrace them!

May these quotes lead, encourage, and challenge you.  They have certainly done so for me.

I Was That Little Girl...

"From the very beginning, my parents gave me a legacy of debt-free living, and that’s one of the best gifts any parent could ever give their kids." - Rachel

Work: It's NOT a Four-Letter Word

"Our culture has made many wonderful advances to ensure the safety and well-being of children.  But we may have taken this too far.  Many parents today are so centered on what their children
want that they have lost perspective on what their children really need." - Dave

Spend: When It's Gone, It's Gone

"It takes tremendous strength and resolve to allow your kids to suffer the consequences of their decisions. They are persuasive, cute, and pushy, so it is really tough not to cave and say to yourself,
Well, they are only children." - Dave

Save: Wait for It

"When a kid buys something with money he or she has saved, it is not merely a financial transaction; you are watching poise, confidence, and maturity develop right before your eyes.  When you grow great behaviors and character traits in your children, you are really teaching them how to win at life." - Dave

Give: It's Not Yours Anyway

"But when your kids grow up in a house where giving is a priority, they start to see themselves differently because they see other people differently.  Other people become significant, and doing things for others becomes a priority." - Rachel

Budgeting: Tell It What To Do

"Children who can learn to plan and be forward-thinking are more poised and confident because life is not always happening to them—they are happening to life." - Dave

Debt: It IS a Four-Letter Word

"When you teach a child to lean on a plastic crutch, you are teaching them that they don’t have to delay pleasure, or sacrifice, or save up and pay cash for things." - Dave

College: Don't Graduate from I.O.U.

"I believe the two keys to graduating debt free are pretty simple: hard work and preparation." - Rachel

Contentment: The War For Your Child's Heart

"Contentment is a manner of traveling.  It’s an attitude of peace and joy where you are, even while you are working to be somewhere else." - Dave

Family: Put the FUN in Dysfunctional

"Every relationship in your child’s life has enormous potential to bless her more than you can imagine.  As the parent, you have the responsibility to manage who is coming in and out of your child’s life and what they’re bringing into it." - Rachel

Generational Handoff: Blessings or Curses

"One of the greatest gifts you’ll ever give your child is preparing her to thrive as an adult.  That happens through a lot of conversations, teachable moments, trial and error, and modeling
wise behavior with money." - Rachel

I Was That Dad...

"When we dropped a pass, we didn't quit the game and walk away.  Instead, we threw the pass again and again, so that at least sometimes it was caught." - Dave

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  1. LOVED these little snippets from each chapter. It really is a great book, and a fast read! :)!

  2. I read chapter 1 and felt inspired. Even told my son's teacher to check it out. It is great that you are spreading the word. Families need this.

  3. I really love this! Way to break down each chapter. This is a great reference to share with others!