Sunday, April 20, 2014

Smart Money Smart Kids (post 4)

We recently had the privilege of welcoming Dave Ramsey and Rachel Cruze to our church to share a message inspired by their upcoming book, Smart Money Smart Kids.  What a time of inspiration!

Our kids know very well who Dave and Rachel are.  They hear them on the radio often, and we certainly live out the principles they teach.  We are very intentional about sharing this money stuff with them, and we can say with confidence that they are truly getting it.  How rewarding it was to glance down and see them taking notes as they listened to the message!

Here is Smart Money Smart Kids through the eyes of our kids...
(It's obvious that one child tends to be direct and to the point, and the other likes to elaborate a bit!) 

I hope you will take the time to order your copy of Smart Money Smart Kids today!  Teach your kids well. Their future awaits.


  1. Wow! So Dave and Rachel visited your church! How fortunate of you guys!
    I am constantly amazed by how receptive young kids are. You have awesome kids, Leslie..:)

  2. I love the notes your children took! Too cute, and it looks like they are definitely getting it! What a great opportunity to have Dave & Rachel come to you!!!

  3. It is great to see things in the eyes of children! Cute idea :)